unnamed.pngThis WIKI has been created by me, Nancy NancyWhiteFrame.jpgNorem Powell, a Certified SMART board trainer from Bloomington, IL. I hope that his will become a resource to you, other educators and students using Smart Boards in the classroom. After doing SMART board seminars around the country, I know that teachers with SMART boards are always looking for more resources. So, I created this site and wrote my SMART Board book. I invite you to join other teachers here and share your resources as well. Find books, workshops, tutorial, files to download, and lots more! (All resources on this site are FREE2edSMARTBook Purple.png except the book!)

I've recently retired from full-time teaching and have committed my time to giving back to education with SMART boards, math, and technology. I'm working with Student Teachers (awesome), teaching some college classes, and giving SMART board, Promethean Board, and math workshops across the country. I love what I do! Contact me if you're interested in a workshop. email me: Nancy Powell nancynpowell@gmail.com