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AlgPuzzles_1.pngAlgebra Puzzles:

7 ready-made games that have students solving for x and putting puzzle pieces together to form a rectangle with edges that match - equations to values of x or equations with the same value of x. Blank templates are also included so students can make their own puzzles.

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Download student copies of puzzles that can be cut up and worked on individually or as a group:
Download sample solutions for the ready-made puzzles:

Estimating and Simplifying Square Roots Games_1.jpeg

Square Roots with a Bang!

3 Games for practice with SQUARE Roots
Estimating square roots
Simplifying Square Root Bingo
Square Root Bingo - going from simplified back to un-simplified roots
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Algebraically Speaking

is a game where teams try and find as many ways to say verbally what they see in expressions, equations, and inequalities. Students can improve their understanding of what the symbolic representation means.

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Equation Tic Tac Toe

Play Equation Tic Tac Toe to have students solving equations and making their own Tic Tac Toe games.

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4-in-a-Row is a set of 3 games that can be played at different levels.
Game 1 - graphing coordinates in quadrant 1
Game 2 - graphing coordinates in all four quadrants
Game 3 - graphing coordinates and writing equations of lines

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3 Algebra Bingo games with student worksheets for each game. Random generators simulate the "bingo caller" for each game!
1) Plotting Points Bingo
2) Radical Bingo - simplifying radicals
3) Equation Bingo - solve for x

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Linear Equation Activities_1.jpeg

Linear Equation Activities - test your knowledge of solving linear equations, sort by slopes, put slopes in order, and add equations getting ready for solving a system of equations by elimination and combining like terms! (2013)

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Expression Extravaganzia

Expression Extravaganzia is a game with the objective of having students practicing combining like terms and evaluating expressions given the values of variables. (You can utilize the "flicking" gesture available with Notebook 11.) (2013)

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Equation Extravaganza

Equation Extravaganza is a game with the objective of having students, combine like terms, and solving equations. (You can utilize the "flicking" gesture available with Notebook 11.) (2013)

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Tag It!
Play a game of tag and review Math Properties at the same time. (Commutative Properties of Addition & Multiplication, Associative Properties of Addition & Multiplication, Symmetric Property, Transitive Property, and Distributive Property) (2012)

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Pascal's Triangle

Download a file of versatile Pascal's Triangle -
1. blank template,
2. template with numbers,
3. Click on the cells and the numbers will appear
4. Clickable cells - odds are in a different color (2012)

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Tear it up -series and limits_1.jpg

Tear it up!

Use this file in algebra, geometry or Calculus to
- explore an infinite problem
- introduce and discover the idea of a Limit
- explore geometric series,
- introduce/use summation notation, and/or
- learn how to iterate as an introduction to fractals.
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