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PI Day Fun!

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Happy Pi Day 2015

7 Activities for Pi Day
Download the SMART Notebook file:

Download the file as a .pdf:

check out other info on Pi Day at

PiDay2013-SBS ed_1.jpeg2013!
Download the Notebook file that contains pi activities for a classroom. Set your classroom up in stations for the day and let your students learn about Pi

Passport to Pi Day booklet (student handouts) to accompany this SMART notebook file.

For even more resources for Pi Day:

piCircle.jpg 2012 - Pi Day SMART Notebook!

Math Notebook files

Download a file of ready-made manipulatives to use in math

Download a file of how-to's when it comes to learning how to use the math tools on the SMART board and in SMART Notebook. Pull on pull-tabs to bring out instructions for the tool on the screen.