(Seminar handbook page 30)
  1. Animating Objects - page 30 -
  2. Page Recorder-Pages 31 -32
  3. Microphone- Page 32
  4. Tables - Page 33 – (Resize, Grouping, Cloning) - ability to close cells in Notebook 11

  5. Math Tools – Page 34 (Regular/Irregular Polygons)
  6. Time Saving Tips and Tricks- Page 34
    1. Moving objects from one page to another-
    2. Moving pages from one notebook to another-
    3. Text Boxes-
    4. Setting Defaults-
  7. Locking and Unlocking- Page 35
  8. Protect your files - Make READ-Only files – Page 30 - I made multiple copies of my files for years before class and sometimes overwrote the files I meant to save ... so, why didn't I think of this? (See instructions at the bottom of this page!)
  9. Special Pens- Page 35
    1. Shape Recognition Pen-
    2. Creative Pen and Customize the Creative Pen(new feature in Notebook 11)-
    3. Magic Pen-
    4. Fading Ink (new feature in Notebook 11)
  10. Extracting Text- Page 36
  11. Hidden Gems in the Gallery- Page 36 - (new file updated 2/8/2014)
    1. Cube of cubes
    2. Hundred chart
    3. Fridge magnets
    4. Word Guess (like Hangman)
    5. Vortex sort
  12. Attachment Tab- Page 36 - Types of videos- Inserting a video-
  13. Graphics- Page 41
  14. Websites for Graphics- Page 42

ReadOnly.jpgThanks to James Hollis of Teachers Love Smart Boards for this very clever idea…**http://teacherslovesmartboards.com/**
Save yourself from having to reset all of your pages at the end of the lesson and get them ready for the next class.
  1. Save your completed file,
  2. Find the file in the folder where you saved it,
  3. Right click on the file name,
  4. Change the attributes to READ ONLY, and
  5. Press Apply.

You’ll still be able to save the notebook file but you’ll have to change the name, thus protecting your master file from accidentally being overwritten.
When that class ends, add the hour number to the file name to save student work and continue where you left off. Open the master file (the read-only version) for the next class and you’re ready to go!

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