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Block that Rectangle_1.png
Block that Rectangle is a game that gives players the opportunity to create rectangles of different sizes to fill a grid and try not to "get stuck." Play it when you are doing areas or perimeters of rectangles or as you explore the fact that rectangles with the same areas may not have the same perimeters!

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Quadrilaterals QR Scavenger Hunt_1.pngSwitch it up and have students use their mobile devices to learn about quadrilaterals in a scavenger hunt. Students will complete tasks and answer questions while learning the properties of quadrilaterals, parallelograms, trapezoids, and kites. Print the necessary pages from the SMART Notebook or print the .pdf file and post the 6 stations around the room for groups along with the codes to begin and end the scavenger hunt.
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Estimating and Simplifying Square Roots Games_1.jpeg

3 Games for practice with SQUARE Roots
  • Estimating square roots
  • Simplifying Square Root Bingo
  • Square Root Bingo - going from simplified back to un-simplified roots

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Circle Koosh Ball Review

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How Many_1.jpeg

How Many? Let students be investigators and begin to look at problems differently.
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Pentamino Lesson with extensions_1.jpeg

Spatial Explorations with Pentominoes - find the pentominoes, explore nets of cubes and more pentomino activities.

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Right Triangles and Similarity Review_1.jpeg

Right Triangles and Similarity Koosh Ball Review

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Explore Line, Rotation, and Point Symmetry with information, practice and activities. This Notebook has a companion worksheet that can be found in the attachment tab in the file.
Activities include pattern blocks, hub caps, playing cards, paper folding/cutting, and real life examples of the three symmetries. Students are asked to explain their answers and create examples.

Explore Congruence and Similarity - revised 7/30/2012

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Tear it up -series and limits_1.jpg

Use this file in algebra, geometry or Calculus to
- explore an infinite problem
- introduce and discover the idea of a Limit
- explore geometric series,
- introduce/use summation notation, and/or
- learn how to iterate as an introduction to fractals.
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Flying High with Vectors and Trig gives students an opportunity to learn the basics of vectors and apply them with trig to real life applications.

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