You can use Google Earth with out an interactive whiteboard, but...

Google Earth on your SMART board is amazingGoogleEarth.png

Use your SMART board tools or the Google Earth tools to make the world come alive in your classroom. Get a .kmz code to fly (link) from one place to another. Find the area of a region, measure distances, check out images over time for different places and or add your own overlays, and much, much more! There are great resources below to help you out so you can start creating amazing, interactive lessons!

Download the latest version of Google Earth for PC, Mac, or Linux at:

Google Earth has tutorials for beginners, advanced, and 3-D Models:

Google Earth Blog -

on twitter? follow these people for info on Google Earth - has a free ,pdf download about Google Earth -

Charity Harbeck's Google Earth (and Maps) resources:

Google Earth Tutorials - YouTube channel - has given many great webinars on Google Earth that you will find amazing an very helpful. Here are there descriptions and links to the videos.

  • Google Earth in the Classroom Travel around the world with your class. Learn how you can use this free software to explore the Earth through detailed satellite images and interact
  • Google Earth, Part 2 There are so many features to Google Earth that we needed to split it into two webinars! Join us for Part 2 and learn about the image overlay
  • Teq Webinar - Google Earth, Part 3 Back with the 3rd Part to our Google Earth sessions, Matthew will take us through some of the more advanced features of Google Earth. Hold on tight be
  • Teq Webinar - Google Earth Revisited We have covered how to use many of the features of Google Earth in previous webinars. This time we’re going to share 3 Content Specific Activities f
  • TeqCast 7- Google Earth Image Overlay The first in a series on Google Earth, learn how you can overlay an image onto Google Earth to enhance your geography lessons.
  • TeqCast 8 - Google Earth Image Overlay, Part 2 Part 2 in a series on Google Earth, learn how you can link from images you have used as an overlay in Google Earth.

Learn about Street view on Google Earth: