Social Studies and History

  1. Download a history/social studies file at: history/social studies
  2. Historical Scene Investigation - - was designed for social studies teaches who need a strong activity for bringing primary sorces into the classroom. How it works: Each “open case” comes with teacher notes and student notes. Students read through documents and search the internet to find answers to questions in order to solve a case. Documents are found in the student notes which are included along with teacher notes. Students finish by writing a paper based on what they've learned.
  3. This is a Smartboard lesson/powerpoint activity that introduces paragraph writing to students. I would use this at the beginning of the year in my writing classes.
  4. A Jamestown Interactive game. There will be a pop-up. Don't worry it is part of the game - Kind of like choose your own adventure books for those people who remember those books.
  5. This site has some pretty extensive history information including but not limited to music, videos and games.
  6. A great source for history powerpoint presentations
  7. Found some fun games and webquests on this site:
  8. This site has some great history primary sources i.e. photos, maps, etc. [[
  9. - short videos of Early American History
  10. American Centuries - Hall Museum Online created just for kids!
  11. Create an interactive timeline at won't be able to save it, but you can print it or take a snapshot of it with your camera tool!
  12. Create timelines with various start and end dates for a listing of world wide events.
  14. The above site will link to: Once you choose a country or region, there are a lot of choices at the right for interactive puzzles.
  15. Photo links: images of Egypt - additional links
  16. States and capitals:
  17. Fun states and caps game -
  18. Another states and capitals website. -
  19. I didn't spend too much time here, but thought this may help. -
  20. - variety of middle school history lessons
  21. - wiki for middle school history
  22. Great US history site for grades 3-5:
  23. Our amazing US park service:
  24. - Live webcams from all over the world - use these as discussion starters or inspirations for writing
  25. - grab a map or two!
  26. USA quizzes:
  27. Go to the primary sources! Here are the US's important historical documents -
  28. This is an interactive site that would enhance a lesson on slavery, the underground railroad, or the Civil War.
  29. website for kids to expore when studying anything to do with NASA
  30. Ben's guide to US Government - - for grades K-12, parents, and teachers

Lesson ideas for the Smart Board:
  • We do some scavenger hunts with GoogleEarth.
  • Current Events: I was just thinking that it would be really easy to use the common news sites with Smart and the Magic Pen. I love the spotlight.