Here are some places where you can find some images for your notebook pages:
Need to find more images for your Smart Board Lessons? visit
  1. Image Chef - Customize and create unique images.
  2. - This site allows you to upload an image and create a jigsaw puzzle out of it. The SmartBoard is great to use with it because you have to manipulate the puzzle pieces to complete the puzzle. You can use the options to create easy or difficult puzzles. What a great way tostart a lesson!
  3. Engaging Learners the SmartBoard Way -
  6. (you’ll have to create a free account to access this site)
  7. (royalty free/copyright free images for educators)
  8. Summo Paint - Online image editor - create an account to access
  9. Be Funky - Free and easy online photo editing
  10. free very nicely designed icons!
  11. Clip Art for the Writing Process - here are some useful clip __arts__ for your lessons or presentations on the writing process -