Download a Koosh Ball template and add your own questions and answers

Kooshball 12_1.jpeg
Koosh ball 12 - Add 12 questions and answers
The first has interactive flash pulltabs that work on non-mac computers

This is the same file without the flash pull tabs:

Kooshball 20_1.jpeg
Koosh ball 20 - Add 20 questions and answers

Kooshball 32_1.jpeg
Koosh ball 32 - Add 32 questions and answers

Koosh Ball Games with questions

CircleKooshGame.jpgQuestions about circles-
good review - hints and answers provided.
Download this Notebook file:

Right Triangles and Similarity Review_1.jpeg

Right triangles and similarity Review game
Download this Notebook file:

Polygon Review Game - interior, exterior, sum of angles, properties of polygons, and more
Download this Notebook file: