HAPPY PI Day of the Century on 3-14-15 at 9:26

Thanks for coming to my sessions at the Lake County SMART User Group Conference. Here are the files I presented and some additional files/links that are related to the topics.

Math on the SMART Board

LCSUG 3-14-15_1.jpeg
Download the Presentation SMART Notebook file:

Find and download more Math (and more) at

More Math Games and Actvities can be found on

More Math Games and Activities can be found onGreenApplesPic5.png

Tools for Creating Games and Activities

Download the presentation SMART Notebook file:

More files to help when creating Games and Activities

Using Tables and Creating Picture Spinners
Download the SMART Notebook file:

Add-Ons & Widgets
VVSUG_2014 Widgets_Add-ons_1.png
Download the SMART Notebook file:

Grab a timer and use it in your game or activity!
Download the SMART Notebook file: