If you are a MAC user, these flash activities may not be available. Check out the new Widgets for some interactive activities for your SMART board.

Are you unable to interact with Flash Player objects like the ones in the Lesson Activity Toolkit in the SMART Notebook software after updating to Adobe Flash Player 11.9.X ?

Here's info about how to fix this problem: Upgrade to the newest Adobe Flash Player and you will no longer have this problem. The issues caused by 11.9.x have been fixed with the newer releases of Adobe Flash! :-)

What are some ideas and help using items in the Lesson Activity Toolkit?

  1. Need a quick overview of some of the tools? Watch the videos at:
  2. 5 ways to get feedback using the SMART Lesson Activity Toolkit (LAT) http://www.teq.com/blog/2014/02/5-ways-to-get-feedback-using-the-smart-lesson-activity-toolkit/#.UzHnRNjQeM8
  3. What are your hints and uses for specific tools and activities?