New features

New Pens

  • Text Pen - write on the board with the text pen and it automatically turns it into typed text. Draw a vertical line between letters to add a space. Draw a circle around a word to replace it. Draw a ^ and it will insert word(s) into the text.
  • Paint Brush Pen

Notebook Connect

  • Access RSS feeds and be able to open an article automatically in an Internet Browser on the page adjacent to Notebook Connect/RSS feed.

"Crop Pictures"

  • Use the Mask command on the drop down menu to "hide parts of a picture, thus cropping it.
  • Use "Edit Mask" to refine the "crop"
  • Use the Unmask command to restore the picture to the original, unedited version.

Connect your SMART board to your iPad with SMART Notebook Maestro and SMART Notebook 14!

Geogebra, Text tool, SMART Response VE, and XC-Collaboration:

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