Notebook15.jpgUpgrading to Notebook 2015 means that you'll be getting new features at three different time this year, each giving you and your students new ways to interact with your SMART board. Look at some of the new things you'll have in NB 2015 (just open this part of the menu by pressing the Add-on puzzle piece icon) like the new align options (bottom, right, left, and top), ability to insert equations (that once was only available with the Math Tool license), GeoGebra (which first became available with NB 2014), and the new Concept Mapping Tool (more about this in the video below!)
Notebook 2015 Toolbar

Concept Mapping

One of the new features that you'll see is Concept Mapping capability. It has the ability to interact with students using XC Collaboration and internet ready devices such as tablets, computers, or smartphones. Check out the video below.

New Lock optionsLock.jpg

Check out these new options when you want to lock an object on the screen:

Old options include
  • Lock > Lock in place - object can't move, rotate or change size on purpose or by accident (without unlocking them)
  • Lock > Allow move - object can't rotate and you can't change it's size
  • Lock >Allow Move and Rotate- object's size is locked but it can move and rotate
NEW options
  • Lock > Allow Vertical Move - object an only move vertically (great for tallies, graphs, and more) and object cannot rotate, change size, or move freely around the page.
  • Lock > Allow Horizontal Move - object an only move horizontally (great moving events along a timeline or number line and more) and object cannot rotate, change size, or move freely around the page.

NEW Lesson Activity Builder

One of the new features that you'll see growing is the new Lesson Activity Builder (LAB). You'll be able to build activities similar (but better) to the flash game templates you saw if you were a PC SMART Notebook user. Good news for devices that can't use flash, these activities don't use flash! Get a peek of some new features including LAB in the video below from Mike's Tech Closet!

Lesson Recorder (an updated version of what was the Page Recorder)

Lesson Recorder.jpg