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Algebraically Speaking is a game for your SMART board -teams try and find as many ways to say verbally what they see in expressions, equations, and inequalities.

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Make learning and practicing with order of operations and scoring in bowling fun!

Dowlnload the SMART Notebook file with two different bowling games to play. Find student worksheets, ready to print, in the attachments tab.

Estimating Square Roots Game_1.jpeg

Play this game with up to six teams or six individuals and have students estimating square roots for numbers.

Download the Estimating Square Roots Notebook file:

Play Contig - a game of skill and strategy!

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Dollar Words is a file that takes a twist on the original Dollar game/activity. Activity 1 - find a word's value (a=$0.01, b = $0.02. c=$0.03....) and Activity 2 - find words worth a dollar and connect the activity to vocabulary, Activity three and Activity four are activities that build on math skills to include all operations and order of operations... can be VERY challenging! Not only for elementary students any more! (2013)
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Roll out the Fractions_1.jpeg
Roll out the Fractions Game that can be used for identifying fractions and/or finding fractions in many different forms or simplify fractions. (2013)

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