There are other apps and streamers out there that will work together to give you a REMOTE Desktop on your mobile device. It gives you the ability to run and display programs from your PC or Mac on your android or iOS device. I've thought about this post for a long time... do I endorse only one product or wait to try others? I finally came to the decision that it's time for the post. More teachers have iPads or other mobile devices and are looking for something like this to solve a problem. I will write about my experience with the software I use. I'll give you some options to explore, and if and when I use others, I'll add my reviews. In the meantime, I'll be using Splashtop!

NEW from SMART .... Now SMART just got smarter and has introduced Maestro - and it fills the need for a compatible way to use your mobile device with your SMART board. Read more about Maestro.

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Control your PC or Mac computer from your iPad, Android tablet or cell phone. If you’re looking for a way to use an mobile device to control your SMART Board like I was, now there are many solutions. A remote desktop app not only works with your SMART software, but essentially any software on your computer. Think of the possibilities!

I use the Splashtop Personal app (used to be called Splashtop 2). I've seen the app in Google Play (android) and iTunes (iOS) - costs range from free to $4.99. There is an app to download to your mobile device and streaming software to install on your computer. Personally, I use this app to connect my iPad/iPhone to my PC.

To get this up and running, follow these steps:
Step 1: Download the Splashtop Personal App on your mobile device and login and set up your account.
Step 2: Go to the Splashtop website: and download the Splashtop Streamer software on your PC or Mac - computer hooked to your SMART board. Log in to your account.
Step 3: Open the streamer software on your computer and then open the app on your mobile device. Choose the computer you want to display on your mobile device and you're ready to go.
Step 4: If you want to use sound, make sure to UN-mute your speakers after you've connected your computers together. For some reason (and I'm guessing it makes sense to someone), when you connect the devices, the speaker on your computer is muted!

With Splashtop, I am able to walk around the room and control my SMART board presentations, hand the iPad to the participants/ students in class and let them interact from their seats. This is also especially effective when there isn’t an actual SMART board available to use. Watch the video and read “How it works”, “Why users love it”, more about Splashtop2, & download it at:

For more info, read this article:

Session 4 Classroom Management_1.pngUsing Splashtop and other SMART board tools to help with Classroom Management
Download the SMART notebook file:

NOTE: I don’t want to appear that I’ve done a great comparison of all the ones available. I haven’t. It was recommended to me and it works well. However, there are many other options. Included are websites with other options and reviews.

Here are links to the reviews of some other options.
From any mobile device

From iOS Device (iPad, iPhone, etc.)

From Android Device (tablet or phone)

In the past year, more and more of these types of apps have been developed for both iOS and Android devices. Check the current reviews before deciding what is best for you.