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Resources for General Science/Multiple topicsscience1.png

  1. Good site for videos, games, photos,
  2. www.factmonster.comscience & other facts
  3. NASA games for kids
  4. This website has some decent links for animations and manipulatives that you can use on your Smartboard. - [[
  5. Cool Link for showing scaling - [[ A graphing __Application__ for the Smartboard - [[]]
  6. A database of simulations for all topics and levels of science - [[]]
  7. This is a site that has templates for middle __school__ math and science notebook activities. - [[]]
  8. Tons of Science lessons of all types! - [[]]
  9. This is a good site for some games for 7th grade science
  10. This is a good site for middle school science
  11. A website that includes different games/activities for reviewing all concepts. You'll need to search through a list because it is based on someone else's curriculum.
  12. great immersive game for middle school students that teaches the scientific method.
  13. is a great lesson idea place for teachers.
  14. Awesome site for science games!
  15. great ideas for science lessons and great places for kids to practice under "Kid Zone"
  16. - science games, activities, comics, and videos
  17. StudyJams from Scholastic - - Science activities with video, karaoke songs, and animations.
  18. - interactive activities for "living things", "materials", and "physical processes
  19. - This game helps children learn angles.
  20. Going digital with Science fairs -


  1. irtual SUN tour - awesome page from the Jet Propulsion Lab -
  2. solar system info. & games



  1. If you have a way to display iPad or Android Apps on your SMART board, you might love the chemical reaction app. Read about it at
  2. Chemistry activities for smartboard.
  3. Lesson for using the Bunsen burner. - [[
  4. This is an interactive periodic table that could be used for all abilities and knowledge of the elements and their properties. - [[
  5. This site has lab simulations. These can be used to demonstrate lab techniques or complete labs that would require equipment or chemicals that you do not have access to.
  6. This is a good site for introducing the concept of pH. I have had the students complete the activity on the computer and draw out a data table to collect data and generate their own pH scale, including the items tested during this activity.
  7. this is a good lesson to teach how to read graduated cylinders

Geology and Weather

  1. is a useful website for science related topics. I use it for research with my students or as an introduction to topics.
  2. This isn't exactly a science lesson site, but if you are doing volcanoes, check out this St. Helens volcano cam. There are also links to other volcano cameras on this site. -


  1. simple machines & more
  2. - This site can help children learn about simple and complex machines. You can also do virtual surgeries


  1. Need a science or math video? go to YouTube's NASAconnect channel -
  2. Good site for videos, games, photos,
  3.; great site for videos on the discovery channel also for social studies lessons on different places.