1. Where is the Smart Video Player and what do I need to know about using it with the floating tool bar open?
  2. How do I get .wmv videos to automatically open up in Smart Video Player?
  3. Setting up your Smart Video Player
  4. Other Video Resources -
    1. Page Recorder
    2. SMART Video Recorder

Smart Video Player
1. One way to get to the Smart Video Player is through the TOOLS tab on the Welcome Center.
2. You can also add the player to your icon toolbar at the top by right clicking and dragging the video player from the choices to the icon bar. Then you will have easy access to it while in Smart Notebook.
2. Important NOTE: you will want to close (hide) your Floating toolbar while working with the Smart Video Player. Otherwise when both are up, it uses up to 90% of the computer's CPU (central processing unit) when both are open at the same time and things will become VERY SLOW!

Smart Video Player and .wmv files
(open this .pdf file by clicking on it)
If you need help getting your .wmv movies (which is one of the formats that you can choose when you use the Smart Video Recorder to make your video) to play in Smart Video Player, open this .pdf for instructions for the PC. Following these instructions, if your video is in your attachments, you can link to it from your Smart Notebook pages and it will open it up in Smart Video Player. Remember that in this player, when you pick up the pen, it pauses the movie, allows you to make notes on the video with the pen, capture a frame (with or whithout notes) and send a picture to your Smart Notebook.

Link to movies played in the SMART Video Player and have a PLAYLIST for one or more videos in your attachments. Follow these directions:

  1. Open the SMART Video Player and on the right, add the video(s) that you want to play in the play list.
  2. Save the playlist.
  3. Insert the playlist file into the Attachments tab.
  4. Pull the playlist from the Attachments tab onto the Notebook page to create a link to the SMART Video Player and the video(s) that are in the playlist!! NOTE: Do not lock the link on the page if you want the link to work!

Smart Video Player Settings

The Smart video player enables you to play a video on your interactive screen and write notes over it in digital ink.
You can change Smart video player settings to control its behavior. To change Smart Video Player settings follow these directions:

1. Select Settings then Video Player Settings in the Smart Video Player.
2. The Video Player Settings dialog box appears.
3. To display the Smart Video Player window on top of other windows at all times, select Always on top.
4. When you pick up a pen out of the tray pen on the Smart Board or select a pen tool button, the video will pause automatically when you select Pause when tool(s) lifted.
5. To apply a fade effect to the digital notes you write over Smart Video Player select Fade out notes. To set when and for how long Smart Video Player applies the effect, select times in the Begin after and continue for lists.
6. You can hide the Player toolbar in full screen mode. To hide the Video Player toolbar in Full Screen view after a defined number of seconds, select Remove toolbar in full screen mode. To set when the toolbar disappears, select a time in the After list.
7. To use the most recently selected video hard source in future sessions, select Remember last hardware source.
8. Press OK.