Hey teachers... I'm looking for some content to make some Social Studies files. Tweet @NAPmath me your requests. If you are a member of this Wiki, just log in and add your ideas below:
Suggestions for files
  1. World War II - Jeopardy for WWII is now done and posted below.

States Trivia.jpgState Trivia

There are 100 questions to test your knowledge of the 50 U.S. states - multiple choice, True/False, and matching questions.
This file is self checking and could easily be used as a game in the classroom.

Download the Notebook file:


States and Capitals BINGO

Download the Notebook file and find call boards and student bingo card template in the attachments


WWII Jeopardy - 5 Categories

1. WWII Vernacular
2 Who Am I?
3. All About Adolph
4. Name Legislation
5. Potpourri
Download the Notebook file and/or the .pdf:


An assortment of WWII Actvities

Download the Notebook or .pdf file:


An assortment of Activities for Social Studies

Download the Notebook File: