Timers are great to help keep students focused on getting their work done, but they are a help teachers keep track of time in activities.

Download the Notebook file to try these timers:timer2.png

There are three timers included in the SMART notebook gallery from very basic to pretty amazing.
If you want to set a timer for only seconds, try the firecracker. Note: you can't find this if you search for timer, you must search for "firecracker".

The most basic timer for hours, minutes, and seconds, is this one. Open the Gallery and search for "timer" and this is one of the options.

Here is the grandest of all of the timers with a lot of options that are not available on the other timers. You can set the time, choose to count up or count down, and in the settings, choose an action and the sound and if you have a pc, you can even customize the sound with your own.
Here's a short video just about these timers!

There are also many other timers available to download from the Internet such as the Traffic light timer widget from TEQ.com which is great when students are doing group work .This is an interactive traffic light timer that will count-down and change from red to yellow to green, or green to yellow to red. Custom sounds can be added. The lights can also be toggled on or off by clicking on them.
http://www.teq.com/erc-categories/viewdownload/197-free-teq-learning-objects/1851-traffic-light-timer For more information on how to add a widget in SMART Notebook, check the Widget page.
Here are some fun ONLINE timers available to use:

Here are