What tips do you have for working with Smart Notebook?

A Beginner's Guide to Using SMART Notebook

backgroundicon.jpg Adding a background or theme to your notebook file to add cohesiveness and a sense of continuity to your lesson
  1. You can find Backgrounds and Themes in the Gallery of Smart Notebook
  2. Select Backgrounds and Themes.
  3. Press the thumbnail of the theme you want to apply.
  4. Press the thumbnail's menu arrow, and then select Insert in Notebook.
  5. The Insert Theme dialog box appears.Theme_Info.jpg
  6. To apply the background or theme to all pages in a file, select Insert theme on all pages, and then press OK.
To apply the background or theme to all pages in the current group, select Insert theme on all pages of current group, and then press OK.
To apply the background or theme to the current page, select Insert theme on current page only, and then press OK.
TIP: If your theme or background is too small to fill your screen because of the content on your page, remember, you can set the background using your eyedropper to match the color of your theme/background to make it look like it wasn't just plopped on the page!

How to get rid of a theme or background: If you change your mind and decide you don't want to use the theme or background, go back to the gallery and apply either the blank background or the blank theme and that should take care of that problem!!!!

Want to import or export your "my collection" in your Gallery?
Here's a great resources with the steps: http://www.kyrene.org/edtech/Smartboard/index.htm - importing and exporting a gallery collection ( word)

  • SMART provides this PDF file that compares features among the versions of Notebook 10 for Windows, Mac, and Linux platforms.

Add_instructions_and_notes_1.jpegAdd Notes and Instructions to Notebook pages and lessons - looking for new ways to do this? Here are some hidden gems in the gallery and tips for adding them to your notebook file. Download this notebook file and grab some ideas.

Extend Page Are you having troubles when you extend the SMART notebook page? In order to extend a SMART Notebook page and to keep the width the same, go to View, Zoom and then Page Width. To view everything on the page and still extend it, click Full Page instead of Page Width.

Smart Tables, cell shades, and placement
  • Tables can be very useful. When you insert tables into smart from the insert pull down on the tool bar, you can select the size of the table including number of rows and columns. You can always increase or decrease table size after you have made the table by highlighting the row or column, right clicking, and selecting insert or delete.
  • Table cell shade is awesome. You can shade individual cells within the table or all the cells by highlighting the table or cell, right click, and select add cell shade. Click on shade to reveal what is behind.
  • Table placement is only possible by the gray tab in the upper left corner of the table. If there is no tab, marque highlight the table and it will reappear. Grab the tab and place the table to your liking

Links If you have more than one think for a particular page or object, such as sounds, webpages, or documents, you have to have separate objects (pictures) or text boxes for each link. If you link a picture to a webpage and then link the picture to a sound, it will only save the last link inserted. The sound will have to be linked to something different.