There are many tools on the toolbar, but did you know that you can rearrange them and customize which tools are readily available on the toolbar? To do this, you must open the cutomize toolbar options by right clicking on the menu bar itself. At that point you will open the options and you may choose which tools to pull out and add to the tool bar. The customize options appear in the picture below.
In SMART Notebook, you will be able to read and see these icons more clearly. If you wish to remove tools from your toolbar, drag the icon from the toolbar into the customize window. If you want to rearrange your icons, drag them around while this customize window is open. If you want to add a tool to the toolbar, drag it up into the place on the toolbar you would like to put it.

Use the push pin in conjunction with the dual page display... you can pin one page down while the pages on the other side continue to change. It is great if you want directions to stay on the board while students work on the other side.

If you have Math Tools installed in SMART Notebook, you can choose to show them (secondary toolbar) or hitde them. You can also choose to hide the toolbar when you.

Contextual Toolbar: When you select certain toolbar buttons, SMART Notebook software displays available options. For example, if you press the Pens icon, a selection of available line styles appears. By default these line styles remain on-screen until you press a different toolbar button or press the X button to the right of the available options. However, you can set up the available options to disappear when you press anywhere in the page area.
  • If you want the available options to disappear when you press anywhere in the page area, select View > Auto-Hide Contextual Toolbar.
  • If you want the available options to remain on-screen until you select a different toolbar button or the X button, clear the selection of View > Auto-HideContextual Toolbar.

LINE tool: If you hold down shift key when using the line tool, you can get a nice horizontal line or vertical line, or a line at a 45 degree angle.

Resizing an object: If you want to keep the picture from getting deformed...hold the shift key down while pulling on a corner handle on the picture.