Widgets are new in Notebook 11 and can add some very special actions to your lessons and change the types of interactions that you can get with your students.
Steps to adding widgets to SMART Notebook:

Step 1: Find the widget you want and SAVE it to your computer. (It is best to start a folder to keep them in so you can find them later.)
Step 2: Open SMART Notebook. Open the Gallery Tab and "My Content".
Step 3: Create a folder called "widgets" (that's what I called mine) and click on the drop down menu and choose "Add to My Content"
Step 4: find the widget that you saved (the file name will end with .galleryitem) and open it. It is now in your folder ready to use!

ICE_2014 Widgets_Add-ons_1.png

Download this sampler of Widgets and Add-ons!

Here are some fun and useful widgets...
notebook files of widgets on SMART Exchange

Voki Avatar Widget

Released April, 2012
Download the Voki Avatar widget at

Learn how to create and use a Voki Avatar in your lessons.

SMART Response Word Cloud Widget

Released June, 2013
"This widget was designed to capture student thoughts directly on the page when using Notebook version 11.2. You can install the widget by simply dragging it into the Notebook page or saving in the My Content gallery folder. You can choose to have the student ideas appear in real-time or after the brainstorming data collection is ended by the teacher." - SMART Technologies

SMART Response Concept Mapping Widget

Released June, 2013

"This widget was designed to allow concept mapping on the page when using Notebook version 11.2. You can install the widget by simply dragging into the Notebook page or saving in the My Content gallery folder. You can build a concept map with students by using ink items or by using Response devices." - SMART Technologies

Sticky Note Widget

Write on the widget or drag & drop items over the widget and new sticky notes will be created instantly.

You can select different sticky notes colors and define your own custom background/graphic.

Score Board Widget

score board.png
Grab a score board for your activity. Choose one or more from three different designs.

Just remember, if you need or want more than one on a page at a time, pull a new one from the gallery for each one. DO NOT clone or copy/paste them. Their programs get all confused and you might get crazy scores happening when you make one score go up, the other might also!
Session 3 ExtremeCollabWidgets_1.png
Download my SMART notebook file with info on the add-ons Extreme Collaboration, Activity Builder and many widgets

Download the updated presentation given at ICE 2014 - Feb., 2014

Music Widgets

Musical Note Widget
Piano Widget

Musical Note Widget -

Click and drag any of the notes onto the staff. Choose an instrument (piano, clarinet or trumpet) from the pull down menu and then press the play button to hear your music!

Piano Widget -

Play the piano by pressing on the keys

Here's a file I've created with the piano widget

Download this notebook file:

Diagram Labeller Widget

Although this widget costs $2.99, it may be worth it. Drag in any picture and label it.

Joli Puzzle

Joli Puzzle
Create a slide puzzle from any picture - one from your files or from the gallery

Attendance Widget Attendance.png

Create a list of names and have students put a check next to their name as they enter the room.
Add students names to a list and use it throughout the year to generate objects that contain the student names. Students can then drag & drop their name to attendance lists or team lists.

Slide Show Widget

The slide show widget allows you to drag and drop images on the notebook page into it and then use swipe gestures back and forth to view the images one at a time!

Distance Converter Widget

This widget allows you to convert one distance to another unit using ink recognition. Just write the distance into the widget and pick your output. You can also inject the result right into the Notebook page.

Checker Tool Widget

This widget allows you to make self checking activities with feedback

Traffic Light Timer WidgettrafficLightTimer.png

An interactive traffic light timer that will count-down and change from red to yellow to green, or green to yellow to red. Custom sounds can be added. The lights can also be toggled on or off by clicking on them.

Grouper Tool Widget

Grouper Tool - SMART Notebook Widget
Grouper Tool - SMART Notebook Widget

This widget moves all unlocked objects on a page into groups. The objects are randomly sorted into the groups. This tool is great for random group assignments, grouping prompts for a story, assigning vocabulary and more.
See it in action:

Links to more widgets
If you're on SMART Exchange, search on "widget" to find the most current list of widgets available.