One of my favorite things to do to for family fun is to work on a jigsaw puzzle. I used to have a puzzle for students to work on in the back of the room when they finished their work early or got to class a little early. Many students loved it and often came in before school and after to work on the puzzle. So, why not play a puzzle on the SMART board? The puzzle can be used to accomplish many things.

Jigsaw puzzles can

  • bring a new focus to an old lesson.
  • use a puzzle to introduce a new lesson or concept
  • allow students to make puzzles from their own photos to enhance their projects
  • be used as a teamwork activity in the classroom.

Here is a puzzle from Jigsaw Puzzles Online - to use to introduce the Activity Builder to your students. Press on the puzzle to play and on the button to make your own puzzle. Click on two pieces and they trade places. More like these or traditional jigsaw puzzles are made on Jigsaw Planet - You'll have more flexibility to customize the puzzle on that site as well.

ONLINE puzzle makers: Use a picture provided by the website or upload your own to make your puzzle.
  1. Jigsaw Planet -
  2. Jigsaw Puzzles online -
  3. Another site to try is:

Somethings to note about these puzzles and SMART Notebook as of today 12/9/12
  • These puzzle play well on the web if you you use your browser on the SMART board and just link to them from SMART Notebook..
  • if you Insert > web browser in SMART Notebook 11 thinking that you can save the location and have the puzzle ready to play, in many cases, the pieces do not display correctly in the SMART web browser..
  • I have yet to be successful embedding the code via a widget on the SMART board - but I don't think it will be long before this will work. Check back often to see if I find a solution. (Follow me on Twitter - @NAPmath and I'll let you know asap)

Play some puzzles:

  1. Here is a puzzle of students working on their geometry project on the smart board.puzzle.png
    Geometry Students Solving a Problem
  2. Einstein 2 -
  3. Golden Spiral -
  4. July 4th -
  5. Pythagorean Theorem Puzzle -

Puzzles to introduce SMART board lessons/activities

  1. Activity Builder - use this to introduce the Activity Builder to your students