What is the Activity Builder?

The Activity Builder enables you to create matching and sorting activities, labeling activities, and games using your own content. It is flexible enough that it allows you to create very customized activities.

Using the Activity Builder, you choose an object (called an "activity object") on a page as a "container" that is set to accept the answers that are correct and set to reject incorrect answers.

ABToolbox.pngActivity Builder Directions

Download these directions as a .pdf:
Download a notebook file with examples of activities for Geometry, Farm Animals, Social Studies, German, and Algebra:

  • On a page, place the objects that are to be sorted or used as possible answers - right and wrong answers.
  • Create an object or use a graphic that you want to accept correct answers/objects.
  • Select that activity object and press on the Activity builder tab.


  • When you click edit, it marks the Activity Object with a rectangular grid of diagonal lines, showing you what you've picked to contain your correct answers.

  • Drag the objects that you want to be the "correct" ones into the "Accept these objects" box and the ones you have that are "incorrect" into the "Reject these objects box".
  • Now, open the settings tab and set them the way you want them.

  • Press "Done" to complete setting up the activity. Save the file and enjoy.
  • If objects are accidentally dragged into the wrong box, just drag it into the trash can.
  • If all the "correct" objects have been added to the "Accept" box, you can use the "Add All Remaining" button to fill the other box with the objects to reject.
  • After completing the activity, go to Edit > Reset Page to restore the activity to it's original state to play again!