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Add some good resources for art teachers and students!
  1. Sketch Star - Make some great animations and graphics here... great to create!
  2. - There are a variety of lesson plans available for many ages with material lists for each project linked to Blick catalog for purchase.
  3. this alows a virtual field trip inside a variety of muesums
    this site is an incredible too for art teachers to reference art content and lessons
  5. - great source for glass materials and has video instruction too
  6. - source for textbook and art publications( monthly school arts magazine )
  7. Making word art---Love this source:
  8. Google's Art Project makes a great way to Go On a Virtual Art Scavenger Hunt in the Google Art Project. Read about it at: Visit the Google Art Project:
  9. Piccassohead - - draw your own head with these tech tools! Great to use on the SMART board!