ICE_2014 Widgets_Add-ons_1.pngDownload the SMART notebook file that was presented at the ICE 2014 Conference on Feb. 27, 2014
SMART Board's NEW Add-ons & Widgets

Add-ons in this notebook:
  • Activity Builder
  • XCCollabPage.png
  • BREAKING News: Extreme Collaboration is now called XC Collaboration - see what else is new. The beta expires 3/31/14!

Widgets in this notebook include:
  • Voki Avatar Widget
  • Concept Mapping Widget
  • Sticky Notes Widget
  • Slideshow Widget
  • Piano Widget
  • Musical Notes Widget
  • Word Slot Machine
  • Random Word Notepad Widget
  • Score Count Widget
  • Flashcard Widget
  • Group Tool Widget
  • Random Letter Widget
  • Idea Cards Widget
  • Six Hats Widget
  • Trash Can Widget

Download this file:

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