What are some hints for doing a PAGE RECORDING? What are some ideas for using this action? How can it aid in the achievement of your students?

  • When using the Page Recording, it does not capture anything being done using a SMART tool, i.e. calculator. It only captures what is being done, written, moved, etc., on the actual Notebook page. SMART Recorder has to be used to video tools being used.
  • Be sure to seperate text into various text boxes to show the step by step process. If you use one text box it all comes up at once and the students won't be able to follow the process. They will just see the end result.
  • Page Recording does not capture sound unless you have your microphone hooked up and activated. If you need help setting up your microphone, click here.
  • I did put a sound clip on the page so that after the recording is finished I can hit the sound clip and congratulate, cheer, etc. for completing the task.

Video Recording With Voice Tips:
  • Make a script to use
  • Set area before recording to limit the recording area - I wrote notes on the page to use and then set a recording area that did not include the notes - while recording I could still see my notes but they were not on the video

See some examples of using Page Recording. Download

Other video resources: