Resources for the Smart Board

  1. Check out more resources on my Pinterest Boards:
  2. Resources for SMART Notebook:
  3. NEW Eric Hansen's Facebook template for Smart Notebook and more:
  4. Shine + Write - Interactive math games/activities for an interactive whiteboard:
  5. InternetCafe's SMART resources -
  6. Bobby Lewis' SMART resources - @usabbs
  7. Sign Generator Widgets & Image Generators - - a huge list of over 500 sign generators
  8. Amber Coggin's SMART Board Goodies:
  9. Mike McGowan's SMART resources at Mike's Tech Closet -
  10. Tangi Tech's SMART Board files from Hammand, LA -
  11. Need a graphing calculator that you can use on your Smart Board? Try the one at No downloads, no special hardware, no cost. Welcome to the next generation graphing calculator! . lconley86 (on twitter) recommends this calculator and to "be sure to check out Projector Mode in the Options tab. It's magical! :)"
  12. Smart Exchange - User files and notebooks for the Smartboard: - change countries when you search to find even more lessons on SMART Exchange.
  13. Smart Tech on pinterest -
  14. Make and play a jigsaw puzzle on your SmartBoard.
  15. Teacher Tube has some high quality videos on a lot of subjects. Check and as they say on their Twitter Profile - "Teach the World."
  16. Online library, fact checker, references and daily updates:
  17. Over 50 ideas and resources for SMART boards -
  18. SMART Board Blogs
  19. Use an Advanced Google Search to find Smart lessons. Type in in the 'site or domain' box on the bottom. Type in your search term up top and Google will search only the smarttech site.
  20. SMART board files for k-5 to download from Modern Chalkboard -
  21. SuperTeacherWorksheets - - has a wealth of worksheets and activities for students and now they have started to add smartboard lessons linked to resource worksheets.
  22. Lessons for all grade levels and all subject areas.
  23. Scholastic's Interactive Whiteboard lessons -
  24. This lesson uses a grid to locate items. One of my first lessons in social studies is using a grid.
  25. Another useful reference website: for online books and more
  26. This website has fun activities for the students for back to school
  27. Teq Blog - - has great links and ideas for your Smart Board!
  28. The Children's University of Manchester - - this site has interactive pages on topics like the Body and Medicines, Energy and the Environment, Ancient Egypt, The Earth and Beyond, Teeth and Eating, Micro-organisms, The Brain and Senses, Talking Textiles, Words, and more.
  29. Check out Jacki Kratz's wiki - Technology in the Classroom -
  30. Triptico's desktop app contains over twenty interactive, fully-customizable resources for you to use in your classroom... and it's completely free!
  31. *Need more resources for your Smart Board lessons? Visit this page and find math manipulatives and more resources:
  32. Check out TeachingSMART at:
  33. Heather Lamb's links to SMART resources on Delicious - and a link to her digital dashboard at
  34. John Mein's Mr.SmartTrainer -
  35. Harvey's Homepage -
  36. SMART Board Training Resources from SMART Tech -
  37. Charity Harbeck's links to SMART resources -
  38. Longwood Central School District's SMART resources -
  39. SMART Board links -
  40. Teaching with SMART board -