Create a video with sound using the Smart Video Recorder and play and annotate the video on the Smart Video Player

What are your hints about working with the Smart Video Recorder?
  1. Hints for the video recorder
  2. Instructions for hooking up your microphone
  3. How to link to a .wmv video and force your .wmv file to open in Smart Video Player
  4. Instructional videos made easy with the SMART video recorder -

Remember to press pause when uploading, completing a task like linking to a web page, or just trying to think of what to say. That will cut out the wait time and move the lesson along.

A video made with the Smart Video Recorder can easily be played using the Smart Video Player.

Need help hooking up your microphone? Watch the video:

If you need help getting your .wmv movies (which is one of the formats that you can choose when you use the Smart Video Recorder to make your video) to play in Smart Video Player, open this .pdf for instructions for the PC. Following these instructions, if your video is in your attachments, you can link to it from your Smart Notebook pages and it will open it up in Smart Video Player. Remember that in this player, when you pick up the pen, it pauses the movie, allows you to make notes on the video with the pen, capture a frame (with or whithout notes) and send a picture to your Smart Notebook.

Other video resources: